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This page is entitled pressed, referring to the process of squeezing out  water from freshly formed sheets of paper.


dawns light. paper made from cow manure, baleage, and old  work pants. cotton thread. repurposed harvest crate. hand wired lighting 11x18x5 in.

Dawns light was made from layering and stitching handmade paper together.The layers were then mounted onto a light box made from an old harvest crate, enabling the light to shine through the holes that were left behind from my needle and thread. This paper is made with materials sourced directly from a small dairy  farm I worked on for several years. The cows are made from cow manure, the sky from an old pair of work pants, the pasture from baleage the cows are fed in winter and the clouds from my old work pants mixed with the baleage. The interdependence between all living things is portrayed through layering and sewing these materials together.

farm paper

farm paper. cow manure.butternut squash seeds. old work pants. baleage. last seasons kale. 

circle paper

circles.cotton. abaca. quilt scraps. cow hair. elder flower. cow manure. statice flower. baleage. used match. black tea. cotton thread.

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