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       A child that grew up covered in mud and immensely fascinated by anything that grew, drew breath, drank water, or made noise, Nellie had aspirations to become a veterinarian. Instead she somehow managed to learn how to drive a tractor, gut a sheep, keep bees, operate her grandmother’s sewing machine and pick up a pencil and record what she saw. She loves watching things grow, asking a ridiculous amount of questions, talking to cows and meeting new plants. Nellie has been farming for the last twelve years in New York, California and New Mexico. 

       Nellie is an interdisciplinary artist who uses her experience as a farmer to fuel her creative work. Whether it is the worms aerating the soil, the farmhands giving countless hours to  various weather conditions and tasks of the field or the farm owners who are making great sacrifices just to keep it all going, she dedicates her artwork to all of these interconnected and rotating people and parts. She is currently working on a children’s book that is meant to educate and inform readers of the complex and delicate ecosystems that exist within sustainable farming. She hopes that in completing and publishing this book, she will be able to share with readers that the survival of small scale agriculture is crucial for a sustainable future.

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